Plastered ceilings, Suspended ceilings, Bulkheads and Flush Plaster Ceilings, we do it all!

Dene Construction specialize in the following types of ceilings:

  • Plastered ceilings: Materials for this ceiling can consist of 9,5mm Rhino-boards screwed to and including 32mm x 32mm branders with Fiba-tape over the joints of the boards and Polystyrene cornices. Plastering of complete ceilings with Rhinolite will follow installation. This type of ceiling is mostly fitted in entertainment areas and main bedrooms. It is more expensive, but adds value to your home.
  • Suspended ceilings: A more commercialised type of ceiling. Materials will consist of 3-12mm Vinyl covered, Gypsum panels (1200 x 600) or (600×600) on white T-Sections and white wall angles. This type of ceiling is often fitted in kitchens, large offices, and bathrooms, because of its clean and neat appearance and the fact that it never needs to be painted.
  • Bulkheads and curved bulkheads: Often used in high profile showrooms, reception areas, and corporate offices.
  • Flush Plaster Ceiling: The type of ceiling that is also suspended with T-sections and a shadow trim wall angle and 9mm ceiling boards. This type of ceiling is often fitted in large show room areas, or any retail and commercial environment.